The Ascension of La Courneuve atop Everest

# RETROBB2017 Ascension is one of the biggest surprises in the cinema in 2017. The film Ludovic Bernard, tells the story of a guy of Seine-Saint-Denis, Nadir Dendoune which to conquer the heart of a girl, decides to leave La Courneuve to climb the highest peak of the world. A feelgood movie defending humanist values and optimistic.

It’s decided! From its 26 years, Samy is about to give up a few months his friends and his city of La Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis) to climb Everest. Early wake up to the young man, played by the promising Ahmed Sylla. He took with him some of his merry mess in the back ready to explode bag. He knows neither the Himalayas or Mont Blanc and has not made any training. But never mind!

His courage, Samy draws him in his love for Nadia, played by the lovely Alice Belaïdi, one that makes it vibrate since “the college years, the 4th class”. In a serious tone, he made his lover. He promises the moon, the talker. The moon? It’s old-fashioned. The challenge is Everest. To impress his girlfriend, so he went to the other end of the world on a whim. He should have taken more candy: Dragibus vs Regal’ad? Nadia, who works at the supermarket to pay for his studies, but does not believe it closely follows. Amused but skeptical, the young woman discovers gradually that the boy is really desperate to keep his promise.

The conquest of the unknown

The trip Samy starts in the car of his father, Parisian taxi driver. He then walks and is quick to get in the car the three young people in his neighborhood. Young people are just around the neighborhood as if they had to check the perimeter. Samy remembers all the galleys that he had to go through before taking his flight to the Himalayas research sponsors and financing, purchase of equipment, galleys before the arrogant bankers who give no chance for projects city youth …

Arrive in Nepal. Shock. Samy met Johnny, a local youth who met for the first time a Black. This will be his companion, his best friend, his brother. The reading of a novel mushy evening strengthens their relationship. In Namche Bazaar, he met Jeff, the mountain guide, played by Nicolas Wanczycki.

In France, the press stirs. The newspaper La Courneuve is quick to recount his adventures. TV channels go to the neighborhood. A journalist on the spot takes its latest news. “You better come back,” she throwers t- him. The film highlights the importance of the weight of the media who do very little choice to recount positive initiatives that are emerging in our suburbs.

Confronting nature: reality catches up

Climb Everest. Here we are. Samy is aware of its shortcomings. But it starts. The oxygen runs out. The first brave face down in blood and damaged by the heavy workload. Venturing goes with dating. Some have disappeared under the snow. Germans, English, Chinese accompany it, defy it, and encourage the bully. The episode of the ice wall is a frosting happiness. Samy trains at night with the help of Johnny. Anxiety paralyzes dizziness. To join another piece of ice, it uses a system D: two awkwardly attached scales that make a bridge. “I’m more beach I am not a mountain” jokes Samy down the satellite phone. The Courneuvien complains very often but does not let the pace. His family and relatives are worried. In the base camps, the network is very low. At 100 meters from the goal, “no more oxygen.” The ever Everest.

“Ascension” is a human adventure, between adventure and romantic comedy film. The film can admire the heart of the Himalayas. The splendid landscapes, architectural narratives mounted trompe l’oeil, during endless water are put into perspective by the strong musical choices Lucien Papalu.

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Understand How Stock Markets Are Usually Run And Some Helpful Tips

Payday loans via DEDEBT website are getting popular in UK day by day. The reason behind this is that these debts are raising the people in running their households during those times of the financial system. These borrowings are proved in order to become one of the best companions at the time of urgent needs. It’s possible to apply on account of debts either offline or online. Online methods have eased means to declare the accounts.

Following a six-year stint at Morgan Stanley and a run together with the wealth management arms from Lloyds TSB Private Bank, London and Standard Chartered Bank, Mumbai, Ms. Richa Karpe is currently the Representative, Investments, at Altamont Cash Management. Ms. Karpe, which looks after the asset allowance for clients in Multiple Family Office space, urges shareholders to stay away from trading throughout stocks without the advice of your financial consultant. To experience inflation-beating returns, your ex-strategy is to invest in equities and real-estate. Read on.

Job: He is co-founder and TOP DOG of Oracle Corporation, a significant enterprise software company. Oracle’s main competitors are Microsoft company and IBM. In 2k, Forbes listed Ellison because of the world’s second most productive guy, worth $47 billion in order to Bill Gate’s $60 billion dollars.

Liquid plus liquid plus funds rating over savings financial advisor bank of America account within returns, but you have to take a look at various other aspects of the car parking facilities to select the one that matches your needs.

Somewhat surprising is the fact that those who best online brokerage firms comparison chart are still looking for the best possible price they can acquire. This is in spite of the fact that the higher rates of today, around $10,50. 00 per trade, continue to be only a fraction of whatever they used to be. In a response to foreign exchange trading, the online brokers have carried on to reduce their pricing consistently over time. One of the more prominent and more recognized names dropped their expense per trade by one particular dollar to $8. Ninety-Five. Another has restructured their particular tiered pricing, all but removing the top-tier that was around $10. 00. They notice that in order to compete, they need a good entry price point in the one digits.

Before you decide on the very best online stock broker, learn the amount of money you need to deposit during the time of opening the online account. Given that, few of the brokerages have a high minimum balance limit. Hence, look for the discount brokers who else do not require any minimum balance. The signs of a good broker agent are that, they open up an account for you with no minimum balance limit.

This is are actually career options in existence that allows you to own and build your own firms while you are being supported by an organization. The company you work for manages your overhead AND your coaching while you go ahead and build your company.

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Read This Before You Decide To Pay A Credit Restoration Company To Fix Your Credit Score!

There are a variety of ways individuals get into credit trouble. Bank cards are often what start the problem for most people. But just as credit cards will get you into trouble they can furthermore help you with credit history repair.

This is required for the order to protect the lawsuit filer’s name requesting the credit history, due to federal privacy laws and regulations. What your next step will be is to call the credit agencies that list the selections on the medical report. Once you call the consumer credit reporting agencies, they could inform you who currently is the owner of the debt.

The agencies all make use of FICO software to estimate your score and them most have separate databases which usually muddy the waters a little because that means at any once you have three different CREDIT credit scores depending on the bureau utilized. Usually, though, your ratings should all lie in a filter range.

Contrary to widespread false impression, however, there is no single rating. Instead, the mathematical formulation used is different depending on the actual results are being used for. For this reason, credit rating range is a more appropriate expression than credit score. For example, a great way to open a Target bank card the credit score displayed to focus on will be different than if you had been applying for a home mortgage or even auto loan.

Scrutinizing your existing credit report for any inaccurate information certainly significant subject to endeavor to remember. Laying your hands on your credit history is, of course, the first thing to do. The next matter to do here is to write plus challenge any mistakes a person unearth. The amendment associated with mistakes and inaccuracies actually can assist your credit score.

Over and over again, lenders base their particular decision on whether or not to increase credit to you. Bear beside me as I give you some useful hint and tips which will get you closer to the best credit score to have possible – the desired 850.

If you are prepared to work with them, they will probably work with you. If your unprotected creditors feel you are creating a good effort to take care of your own bills, they are more likely to use you in helping you get all of them paid off completely.

Having the highest credit score amongst who have filed for personal bankruptcy will always help you get affordable financial loans. It may not be as inexpensive as a person who has a higher score. However, it will certainly be affordable than additional loans offered to persons just like you in the market.

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Interview Romain M. Vetter, Digital Manager at PHD Switzerland

Today I present a new interview to a Social Media professional working in Switzerland. This series of interviews pretend to reveal the person behind the social media strategies of successful companies based in Switzerland. It consists of community managers, social media managers, content strategists, innovation specialists, etc. It is the interviewee the one that decides who will be the next person to interview, making in this way a chain of Social Media professionals.

Today I have the pleasure to interview Romain M. Vetter (@digitalrmv), Digital Manager at PHD Switzerland.

Hi Romain. How would you define yourself in just one tweet?

Think outside the “swiss” box when it comes to online innovation.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your origins, your early days without a Mac, and anything you want to make public.

I was born and raise in Geneva, Switzerland. I spent over 19 years of my life in this city, with a short one year break in Bienne playing volleyball for the junior national team for a year. I have been playing volleyball since I am 13 years old. After this experience, I attended a commercial high school, CEC Nicolas-Bouvier, in Geneva, while working for Allianz Suisse as an intern. My last year of school, I found an agent who helped me get a scholarship in the USA. I was lucky to get a full ride to a university close to Los Angeles. I learned English, studied business administration and marketing while playing volleyball and traveling within the USA during my 4 years. We won the national title 3 times and I received my bachelor in 2008. My highlight during those 4 years was to meet my future wife my first year of university. But I only started dating her my third year… One thing great we have in common: we are both Swiss. Her grandpa was from Bern. She however never went to Switzerland before. We got married a year later our schooling done in 2009 in Long Beach. Once my studies done, I was able to find work with Gorilla Nation and Atomic Online near Los Angeles. The job was my way in to online advertising and marketing. I learned everything about the online business representing large website online advertising inventories. In 2011, both my wife and I decided to come back to Switzerland to try a new experience together. We came back in June 2011 and after a series of meeting, I was hire as the Digital Manager for Omnicom Media Group (our department OMD Sky was renamed, PHD Switzerland in January 2011). 2011 was also my last year playing high level volleyball in the Swiss first division. We ended up winning the national title. A great way to end my career and now concentrate more on my various activities.

What are your interests in life?

I love traveling with my wife Jennifer, go to church, play volleyball, read L’Equipe and Mashable, as well as come up with way too many business ideas on daily basis.

You sold a company in the US and came to Geneva. Was it difficult the transit entrepreneur-employee, US-Switzerland?

I was still employed while having my own business. So the transition was ok on this aspect. It was however a bit hard at the beginning concerning the way of working in Switzerland. I had forgotten about it… Everything is very fast paced and straight to the point in the USA. Here, things go slower. Both are very valuable business approach. The USA way of working help me produce a lot of things and come up with ideas outside the box. The Swiss way of working help me stay organize and thorough. It’s a great mix!

Let’s talk a little bit about your current position. At PHD, you work for brands such as easyJet, Apple, Siemens, Nintendo, and The Economist. Every brand is a different world or do they all have something in common?

All are different and this is why I love my job. We take different approaches depending on clients, products, campaigns… At the end of the day, each client expects the same: profitability.

As an innovation specialist, what do you do on a normal working day?

Actually when it comes to innovation and creative thinking, my ideas come at random moments. This is the reason why I always have a piece of paper nearby to write them down.

The first 2 minutes of the first meeting with a new client, you ask…? And you are being asked…?

I usually ask how are you… We never talk about business the first 2 minutes of a meeting is about our personal lives. I love to get to know my clients and have friendly talks. We are here to make a local connection with them. Business is business, but relationships between people are everything.

You have a broad range of specialties, from mobile advertising to social media management. What is the area that you prefer the most? Why?

I actually love to code websites. HTML and CSS through WordPress is something I love doing. The reason is simple. If you want to do a good online job, you better know what is going on behind the design of a website.

How important is mobile advertising today?

Crucial. It is the future of online advertising. Too many brands have yet to understand it and too many clients still do not have mobile optimized website. Big mistake!

And finally, which professional working in Switzerland with social and media would you recommend for the next interview? Why?

I would recommend to contact Olivier Tripet. He is the founder and president of the Swiss Community Managers association. Someone to know in Suisse Romande.

Thanks Romain!

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First thoughts on Youtube Video Questions Editor

Youtube is making some moves in order to have a little more interactive videos. The feature they have created is called “Video Questions Editor Beta“. The page is rather minimalistic and we couldn’t say it shares tons of information. The feature is described as “you can setup multiple questions to be displayed on top of your video during playback that a viewer can answer.”

That sounded very interesting so I joined using the Youtube channel of one of my clients. The process is pretty straight-forward, just click the “Join the Video Questions Editor Beta” link. That’s it. I clicked and hurried to set up my first question. I wanted to ask the subscribers which video shall we upload next. I decided the time when it should appear, enter the question and the two possible answers. Clicked “Save changes” and… nothing happened. Your changes are being saved it said, so I waited, and waited. After one hour I became suspicious that something might not work correctly. After all, Youtube mentions that “The feature represents work in progress, there is no plan for long-term support of the feature and may be removed at any time without prior notification.” Pity, it would be a really useful feature if it worked.

Have you tried the Youtube Video Questions Editor? Any thoughts about it?

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