First thoughts on Youtube Video Questions Editor

Youtube is making some moves in order to have a little more interactive videos. The feature they have created is called “Video Questions Editor Beta“. The page is rather minimalistic and we couldn’t say it shares tons of information. The feature is described as “you can setup multiple questions to be displayed on top of your video during playback that a viewer can answer.”

That sounded very interesting so I joined using the Youtube channel of one of my clients. The process is pretty straight-forward, just click the “Join the Video Questions Editor Beta” link. That’s it. I clicked and hurried to set up my first question. I wanted to ask the subscribers which video shall we upload next. I decided the time when it should appear, enter the question and the two possible answers. Clicked “Save changes” and… nothing happened. Your changes are being saved it said, so I waited, and waited. After one hour I became suspicious that something might not work correctly. After all, Youtube mentions that “The feature represents work in progress, there is no plan for long-term support of the feature and may be removed at any time without prior notification.” Pity, it would be a really useful feature if it worked.

Have you tried the Youtube Video Questions Editor? Any thoughts about it?

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