The Ascension of La Courneuve atop Everest

# RETROBB2017 Ascension is one of the biggest surprises in the cinema in 2017. The film Ludovic Bernard, tells the story of a guy of Seine-Saint-Denis, Nadir Dendoune which to conquer the heart of a girl, decides to leave La Courneuve to climb the highest peak of the world. A feelgood movie defending humanist values and optimistic.

It’s decided! From its 26 years, Samy is about to give up a few months his friends and his city of La Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis) to climb Everest. Early wake up to the young man, played by the promising Ahmed Sylla. He took with him some of his merry mess in the back ready to explode bag. He knows neither the Himalayas or Mont Blanc and has not made any training. But never mind!

His courage, Samy draws him in his love for Nadia, played by the lovely Alice Bela├»di, one that makes it vibrate since “the college years, the 4th class”. In a serious tone, he made his lover. He promises the moon, the talker. The moon? It’s old-fashioned. The challenge is Everest. To impress his girlfriend, so he went to the other end of the world on a whim. He should have taken more candy: Dragibus vs Regal’ad? Nadia, who works at the supermarket to pay for his studies, but does not believe it closely follows. Amused but skeptical, the young woman discovers gradually that the boy is really desperate to keep his promise.

The conquest of the unknown

The trip Samy starts in the car of his father, Parisian taxi driver. He then walks and is quick to get in the car the three young people in his neighborhood. Young people are just around the neighborhood as if they had to check the perimeter. Samy remembers all the galleys that he had to go through before taking his flight to the Himalayas research sponsors and financing, purchase of equipment, galleys before the arrogant bankers who give no chance for projects city youth …

Arrive in Nepal. Shock. Samy met Johnny, a local youth who met for the first time a Black. This will be his companion, his best friend, his brother. The reading of a novel mushy evening strengthens their relationship. In Namche Bazaar, he met Jeff, the mountain guide, played by Nicolas Wanczycki.

In France, the press stirs. The newspaper La Courneuve is quick to recount his adventures. TV channels go to the neighborhood. A journalist on the spot takes its latest news. “You better come back,” she throwers t- him. The film highlights the importance of the weight of the media who do very little choice to recount positive initiatives that are emerging in our suburbs.

Confronting nature: reality catches up

Climb Everest. Here we are. Samy is aware of its shortcomings. But it starts. The oxygen runs out. The first brave face down in blood and damaged by the heavy workload. Venturing goes with dating. Some have disappeared under the snow. Germans, English, Chinese accompany it, defy it, and encourage the bully. The episode of the ice wall is a frosting happiness. Samy trains at night with the help of Johnny. Anxiety paralyzes dizziness. To join another piece of ice, it uses a system D: two awkwardly attached scales that make a bridge. “I’m more beach I am not a mountain” jokes Samy down the satellite phone. The Courneuvien complains very often but does not let the pace. His family and relatives are worried. In the base camps, the network is very low. At 100 meters from the goal, “no more oxygen.” The ever Everest.

“Ascension” is a human adventure, between adventure and romantic comedy film. The film can admire the heart of the Himalayas. The splendid landscapes, architectural narratives mounted trompe l’oeil, during endless water are put into perspective by the strong musical choices Lucien Papalu.

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