I love life, happy clients and that horse

I loved that horse so much… and my mom had the patience to stand by me for many long hours. In those days I was called Koke. Now, some (many) years later, people call me by my first name, Jorge, or at least they try to.

I don’t quite remember when I was born, but I’ve been told that it happened 40 years ago in Madrid, Spain. As an adult I’ve lived and worked in the USA, Sweden and now Switzerland, and can communicate in 4 different languages.

I have a Master Degree in Telecommunication Engineering, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Astrophysics, an Associateship Distinction in Photography, and every kind of Internet-related diploma you can think of, be it HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery.

Things I love ⇒ ∴ my two wonderful kids ∴ I love life ∴ classical music ∴ trekking in the mountains ∴ the smell of a just opened Nescafe jar ∴ absolute silence ∴ looking up at the Orion constellation on a cold winter night ∴ happy clients.