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If the prepaid credit card is for everyone, it is more targeted than the traditional bank card. The prepaid credit card for young people The prepaid credit card is particularly aimed at young people. For the parents of a minor, it provides perfect security. The child or adolescent is limited in his expenses. His parents… Read Article →

  Discover the different financing solutions for craftspeople working in the construction industry, whether it is for a creation or resumption of activity but also to support or invest in the business. Craftsman in construction: the use of professional credit The use of professional credit is relatively common in the context of a craft activity… Read Article →

  There is an age limit not to be exceeded in the context of a credit repurchase transaction, this limit will depend on the nature of the financing but also on the duration of repayment. Age in a credit repurchase transaction Different criteria are involved in a loan buyback operation, there is obviously a verification… Read Article →

This is how a debt rescheduling works Saving money: With a debt rescheduling, you can save a lot of money depending on the conditions. Therefore, always take advantage of the possibility of a free and non-binding loan comparison. Increase: A loan can also be rescheduled and at the same time increased in its loan amount…. Read Article →

  Obtaining a professional loan without a guarantee is not impossible, but it is necessary to provide solid guarantees in return. Company: get a professional loan The creation of a business or the financing of an activity (cash, investment, development) are important stages in the life of an entrepreneur, the use of bank credit can… Read Article →

For a funding application to be successful, it requires some knowledge. It is not enough to enter the Internet or go to a bank office, request it and hope that everything works correctly. It is not about studying a master’s degree to carry out this type of operations, but we must be responsible and understand… Read Article →

What is an installment loan?: The installment loan is the most common form of loan. You agree a loan amount with the lender, which is repaid through constant monthly installments including interest. The final installment leads to the termination of the loan agreement. Flexible structure: Installment loans can generally be structured quite flexibly. For example,… Read Article →

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