Credit despite return debit

Credit despite return debit

Getting a loan despite a direct debit is easy. Not every lender checks his loan application according to uniform procedural standards. A distinction is also made very precisely in the reasons for a return debit. Not every return debit is therefore automatically negative.

The loan despite return debit – so it’s not a problem.

The loan despite return debit - so it

The loan despite the direct debit is not a problem in the approval if the lender does not require bank statements. This possibility is available with countless loan offers from the Internet. Small loans, like merchandise for mail order companies, are mostly checked using the simplified procedure. It is sufficient to submit the payslip for the application. In addition, the Credit Bureau information must of course be free of negative entries. Even the car loan from the dealer is easy to apply for within the same framework.

A return debit that was triggered yourself because someone unauthorized debited from the account is also completely uncritical. For security, however, it should be noted on the excerpt. If you forget it, the clerk takes the extra effort to look at the fees. In the case of fees, a return debit is charged differently than a self-initiated chargeback due to insufficient cover. A return debit due to insufficient cover is evidence of temporary insolvency and can therefore lead to a loan refusal. However, this only applies to return debits within the examination period.

When do return debits become a problem – problem solutions.

When do return debits become a problem - problem solutions.

A return debit is proof that you were unable to pay. If payment is not made immediately afterwards, the return debit can quickly become a negative Credit Bureau entry. The return direct debit would become a knock-out reason for the loan despite the return direct debit due to a lack of cover. This is exactly where the biggest risk lies in chargebacks triggered by insufficient coverage. The creditor has a justified payment claim that has not been fulfilled. If you do not react immediately, you risk a negative Credit Bureau entry.

If you want to apply for a loan, where the bank statements are checked, you should first get the checking account in order. In principle, only the return debit has to be transferred subsequently. Subsequently, no further chargebacks may occur for the next three months. Only three months are checked, everything that was before is done. The loan is no longer a problem despite the direct debit.